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Is your firm experiencing a cash flow crunch due to the expenses associated with your contingent cases? Do you have outstanding receivables and clients who are slow to pay? Do you want to get paid now?

We provide attorneys and their clients litigation funding to assist with the expenses associated with litigating a case.  This support enables attorneys and their clients to manage the prolonged period of time and costs associated with litigation. Apply for funds today.

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Our Clients Include

  • Dentist practices

  • MRI and Imaging centers

  • Chiropractor clinics 

  • Physical rehabilitation

  • Plastic Surgery centers 

  • Hospitals

  • Out patient facilities 

  • Medical Equipment providers 


4 Easy Steps to cashFlow comfort

  1. Apply online or by fax with authorization.

  2. K Funding contacts the insurance provider.

  3. K Funding offers the medical provider a purchase price for their receivable.

  4. The medical provider accepts and signs an assignment and sale of the medical receivable, receiving payment the same day.


Confidentiality is critical

Confidentiality is vital, so client and insurance information remains private and confidential. It shall only be discussed with the insurance provider and the medical facility to enable a pay off of the receivable.


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