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Pre Settlement Funding

Your Money. Now.


Get Funding Now

➤ You're injured and going through a challenging time. Money is tight, and bills are mounting. We understand that you can't wait to get the money you need today.

➤ You want to be treated fairly, and we'll work with you to make sure you understand the process and get the amount you deserve now.

➤ The justice system isn't always just, so we're on your side championing the outcome you deserve.

What we do

➤ When medical bills are overwhelming and piling up on top of rent, groceries and taking care of your family, waiting for money from your claim seems like an eternity.

➤ We provide pre-settlement funds for all types of cases like personal injury, trucking and auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and  many others.

➤ Best of all, YOU PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN! We fund cases we believe in, and we only receive back the funds we provide if you obtain an award or settlement.


Why K Funding

➤ We have the lowest interest rates in the industry and offer a price match guarantee on anything lower than 1.99%.

➤ You'll hear back with a decision on your funding application within 24 hours.

➤ We have a quick and easy applicationso what are you waiting for?